All Livewell juices and cleanses are completely raw and unprocessed, with no additives or preservatives.  This ensures the highest possible quality in our juice, so that our customers can experience the benefits of drinks that are extremely rich in phytonutrients, minerals, and life-giving enzymes.

We believe that this is only possible by providing juice that is 100% raw and natural, and because we love our customers and want them to experience all that nature has to offer through these beautiful juices, we have put the following guidelines in place to help protect the integrity of the juice.

Scheduling and Purchasing Cleanses and Bulk Orders

All Juice Cleanses and Bulk Purchase orders must be placed and paid for in full at least 24 hours prior to the pick up/delivery date.  All orders are made fresh and therefore this time frame is necessary to prepare each order.  

DELIVERIES AND PICK UPS SHALL ONLY OCCUR MONDAY THRU FRIDAY OF EACH WEEK.  If any orders are placed outside of these guidelines, they will immediately be refunded and your order will not be prepared. 

Because cleanse pick up/delivery dates are subject to availability and we fulfill orders on a "first- come, first-served" basis, there is always a possibility that your requested date is no longer available.  If this is the case for your order, you will be immediately contacted by a team member with the option to reschedule your order or refund your payment.

Juice Deliveries/Pick Up

FOR CLEANSES: We offer free delivery to the Auburn/Opelika, and delivery for a fee up to 100mi. Juices must be delivered on the morning of "Day One" of your cleanse, to ensure freshness of the juice throughout the entirety of your cleanse. 

ALL OTHER ORDERS: We offer free delivery to the Auburn/Opelika, and delivery for a fee up to 100mi. Keep in mind that for juices the expiration date will be 3 days after delivery, for coffee drinks the expiration date will be 4 days after the delivery date, and for After Party Shots the expiration date will be 7 days after the delivery date, and place your order(s) according to when you plan to consume your beverages.

If your cleanse is scheduled for delivery, it will arrive between 7am and 9am of "Day One" of your cleanse.  Due to the highly perishable nature of the juice, it must remain refrigerated at all times.  Therefore, if no one is home to receive your juice order, it will not be left.  If this happens, you will need to schedule a second delivery time, and you may be subject to a second delivery fee.  

Returns, Cancellations, Rescheduling, and Refunds

Do to the highly perishable nature of our juices, we respectfully must decline any and all returns or exchanges within 24 hours of your scheduled pick up/delivery time. 

If for some reason you are unable to cleanse during your scheduled time and fail to cancel your order more than 24 hours in advance of your scheduled cleanse time, you may transfer your cleanse to a friend or loved one. 

Legal Statement:

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