About Us

Our Founder, Chloé Covin, at True40 Fitness Studio, one of our many local partners, with two of our bestsellers, The Contender and Black Lemonade.

Our Founder, Chloé Covin, at True40 Fitness Studio, one of our many local partners, with two of our bestsellers, The Contender and Black Lemonade.



Livewell Juice Company was founded by Chloé Covin in January of 2017 with a desire to bring a new standard of wellness and quality of life to the people of Auburn and Opelika. Our packages utilize the philosophy of proactive nutritional mindfulness, using raw, fresh, all-natural, non-HPP fruit and vegetable juices.  Each one is rich in essential enzymes, phytonutrients and antioxidants, and is intended to leave you feeling your absolute best. 


Inspired by Dr. Max Gerson's Therapy, and modeled after Ann Wigmore's Living Foods Lifestyle®, our cleanses are designed to allow you to get rid of toxic “build up” and leave your body and mind feeling refreshed and restored.  They work by flushing the toxins out of your body while simultaneously flooding it with enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. To learn more about the science behind the raw and living foods lifestyle, as well as the practice of juicing and cleansing, please visit the Ann Wigmore Foundation's site here or The Gerson Foundation's site here.


Livewell Juice Co. is devoted to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals through the process of cleansing with raw, unprocessed fruit and vegetable juices.  Although we often sell individual bottles at pop ups and workshops, we believe the best way to garner all the benefits that  fruit and vegetable juices have to offer is by cleansing. 

Our cleanse packages range in duration from one day to six days.  Each cleanse consists of a thoughtful and effective combination of 6 16oz juices daily, prepared especially for you by the Livewell team, along with an information packet explaining how it works, what to expect, and some helpful tips designed to get you through your cleanse easily and smoothly.  

Each cleanse is handmade fresh upon request and includes no preservatives, additives, or processed ingredients.  Cleansing is a great way to:

  • reboot your system after a season of unhealthy eating choices, emotional eating or bad habits

  • reevaluate your personal relationship with food

  • cut out unhealthy cravings or addictions

  • reduce overall inflammation and fatigue

  • boost after recovering from an illness

  • reset before or after any pregnancy

  • get ready for a big date, trip, or special occasion

  • experience feeling your best

We recommend cleansing for at least three days, four times per year, with a one day cleanse once per month in between.  


We are also partnering with several local businesses which we believe will help bring you closer to total wellness. Currently, we are working with Mama Mocha’s Coffee, The Coffee Cat, and The Yoga Room. Our partnerships include pop-up wellness events, group cleanses, and in-house juice pickup.